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Things are better now!

  A few of you may have noticed that I took down two of my recent posts, because I wanted you to know the whole story, now that I've put it behind me.  Let's be honest, as a whole ARMY (BTS's fandom) is a great group of people. They are part of the reason BTS is so huge today (the other part is that BTS are hard working, talented and tenacious people). However, just like any large group of human beings, we have our share of negativity, pettiness, and hatred. Unfortunately, I got to experience this myself, yesterday. Let's just say that Homo sapiens are great at misinterpreting words, and jumping to their own convoluted conclusions. It's easy to be mean sitting behind the confines of your keyboard. So... a few accused me of bullying ARMY to share their stories on my site, and told me to back off. I can laugh about it this morning, but yesterday I was in tears and broken-hearted. The only thing I expressed was my huge disappointment in the majority of my 1600+ followe

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