Chasing New Horizons - Alan Stern

While many are excited to collect autographs of movie stars, my tastes lean more to the scientific spectrum.

I'd like to extend my thanks to my buddy Dan Durda, who works for Alan Stern at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Co. Dan offered to get my copy signed, and today it's proudly displayed on my bookshelf.

Alan, thank you for taking the time to read my letter and sign my hardcover. Greatly appreciated and cherished.

My letter to Alan
January 24, 2019

Dear Alan:

I know what a busy schedule you keep, so will try not to ramble…

I wanted to say how very impressed I am with your book - it’s the true spirit of dogged determination, and I admire your tenacity. You’ve had one incredible journey with so many difficulties, but in the end, you and your dedicated team have seen it come to fruition.

I was hooked from the very beginning of your story, for it reminded me a lot of myself at that tender age. I too was a huge NASA fan, right from the start, and was glued to the TV set each time they featured a launch from Cape Canaveral. I started a scrapbook and filled it with every article from the Detroit News. Trust me; I think I was the only girl in my elementary school wholly enamored with the space program. Ha! So I set out to write a letter to NASA and imagine my surprise when a large manila envelope arrived in the mail addressed to me. When I saw the return address, I was so excited – they not only read it, but also sent me seven, 8 X 10’s of the Mercury astronauts. I was in heaven. I still have them too.

However, you took it a few extra steps! I’d love to read the book you wrote at age twelve. Talk about living your dreams.

Well, I won’t take up anymore of your time, just wanted to express my admiration and thank you for writing the book and signing it for me.

Marion J Chard


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To learn more about the mission, you can watch the following video filmed at the Smithsonian.


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