Dr Dan Durda - astronomer/planetary scientist/friend

This is a fantastic picture. Just had to share. Dr. Daniel Durda, astronomer and planetary scientist, had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and introducing Alan Shepard's daughter, at a science-related event. And as you can see from the photo, he got to sport Alan's jacket and hold (yes, it's the one), the golf club that Alan used on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 14 mission. What an honor, huh?

Delighted to call him my friend and extremely proud of all of his accomplishments throughout the years. He even played a role in the third book (The Secret of Mrs H) of my tween trilogy, The Story of Q, and plays himself in chapter 31, entitled, "Poor Little Pluto". If you want to know more, well, er, you'll just have to read my book. Pure science merges with sci-fi.

To learn more about Dan, check out the following links. You can also catch him on episodes of How the Universe was Made, and similar TV shows.


Here he's wearing a surprise gift I designed for him.

And trust me, it's great being able to speak geek with a real scientist. Many of my friends simply don't get me. Oh ya, they really want to hear me elaborate about Jovian bow shock, and exploding red giants. I gave up posting this stuff on Facebook. Hmmm, look I got a single LIKE! I remember mentioning this to him one day. His reply, "You need some better friends!" That made me laugh. So while they are watching reality TV, I'm nestled on my couch devouring shows on quantum mechanics, black holes, and nebulae. My husband gets me, Dan gets me and maybe a few others... so that's why I blog in my own minute universe. You could call this my mini-verse.


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