Saying goodbye to an old friend

Today we discovered that our favorite local pub was closing its doors. It's a sad day in town, for it wasn't just another bar that sells beer. As its name inferred, the place evoked the feeling of home. It was small, intimate and made you truly feel welcome each time you walked through its door. The owner was a bit zany, and you never knew what she had in store for you. Was she going to challenge you to a miniature bar top bowling game, or would you find her out on the dance floor as she sported six hula hoops in unison.

It's the place you went to hear great local musicians — a place where they could show off their talents during Thursday evening jams. It's the place where you'll one-day recall as having seen so and so. "Oh ya, we saw him there, when he was just getting his start." And they showcased some seasoned artists. “Where’d you get to see him, they'll ask?” Where else?

There will never be another Home Pub. And if a place is great, you'd expect just that. A place where the owners put their heart and soul into it, in spite of low traffic in a small town. They gave it their all, and put smiles on many faces over a three-year period.

So thank you for all the joy and quirkiness you brought to our neighborhood. What a long strange trip it's been...


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