Excerpt - Story of Q - Book Three

The following is an excerpt from book three, The Story of Q - The Secret of Mrs H.

Dear Diary:

Here I am. Thought it would be fun to put my words on REAL paper pages, just like my mom used to do. She actually bought you for me. So…It’s day one at Space Camp. I’m deliriously happy and it’s only the beginning. My instructor, Dr Seffer is the most. He said we can call him Caleb, but I feel a little funny doing that. I embarrassed myself straight off by commenting on his English accent. I wanted to crawl under a chair or better yet, push the rewind button and start over. But he was so cool and made me laugh, so I guess we’re off to a great start. And he’s friends with my dad. He told me that they went to Cambridge together. I never knew that my father studied in England. You do realize that’s the school Sir Isaac Newton attended, don’t you? And to think my dad actually walked down the very same hallways. Whoa, guess I need to ask him all about that! Anyhow… got to see the Atlantis space shuttle. Wow, sure is a lot bigger in person. And to think that it actually flew in space! Better yet, we ran simulations including our attempts at landing this colossal beast. Uh, yours truly wasn’t so perfect. Can you believe that? Ha! But it was SO realistic that I swore I was actually flying it! Good thing I wasn’t… Still can’t believe I’m here. Tomorrow we get to watch a launch of a communications satellite — weather permitting that is. A real SpaceX launch! They say you can feel the earth shake under your feet. Gabberflax! Can it get any better than this? Gotta run for dad and I are grabbing a late night snack. He has a craving for pistachios. Me? I’d love a piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream. He’s the best, isn’t he? Til tomorrow…

Just R


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