VI Corps Combat Engineer forum is down

My WWII forum - VI Corps Combat Engineers, is temporarily unavailable. I finally decided to upgrade the software after a very long delay, simply because I didn't want the hassle of updating MySQL and PHP on my webserver. I knew it would be time consuming and problematic so... Long story short, it didn't go well.

My forum crashed and I was unable to perform the upgrade.  Even after I applied all my technical skills, including reverting PHP and MySQL to their former versions, I was still looking for that elusive answer. So, I broke down  and asked for help from IPBoard, but so far...

In the interim, I began searching for other software, and after a couple of days decided to go with MyBB. I hadn't been real happy with IPBoard for a while, so what did I have to lose? Instead of working to solve two problems, I decided to let the old board die, and now I'm in the process of migrating the old database to the new forum. Still it will take time, but having a fully functioning board, is worth the wait.

I apologize to my 1000+ members, and thank you for your eternal patience.

Five days later.... Happy to report that the original forum is back up and running. What a relief. I'm still working in the background and will eventually transfer the files over to the new format...


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