Several months I posted an entry, The Numbers Game (https://waltsdaughter.blogspot.com/2020/04/the-numbers-game-bts-army.html ), regarding Twitter accounts with an obsession for stats. Today, I’m sad to report that this fixation still prevails.

Earlier this week, I took a break from Twitter. While it’s always a good idea to take a hiatus from time to time, it was mainly due the majority’s preoccupation with the damned hashtag. Every morning, afternoon, and evening I scrolled past posts asking everyone to include the # of the day. “Please retweet the following… and include...” followed by an appeal to remain number one, or similar request. It became maddening because it dominated my timeline (TL). 

At first, I tumbled into the fold, but quickly realized that I was falling into Twitter’s black hole. I pulled back, and questioned those around me. I admit I felt guilty at first. Shouldn’t I be “helping” too? But, then I came to the realization that we were losing sight of the reasons that brought us together in the first place. How much time and effort go into #’s and numbers. Aren’t we here to enjoy BTS’s music? 

What bothers me the most is all the time and effort put forth, while the seven members of BTS are currently writing music, getting back to nature “Namjooning”, working on obtaining masters degrees, learning  how to play new musical instruments, reading books to increase their knowledge, etc., etc. So wouldn’t we be better off emulating the members of BTS, instead of sitting behind a keyboard for hours on end? 

I no longer feel guilty; however, I am tired of the incessant drone. And yes, I have “muted” several people on my TL. Why not leave, you may be asking. I thought of that too, but to be honest, I made so many delightful friends, and I enjoy our exchange of thoughts and media. So I guess it’s time to thin the herd again. 



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