Return to writing - Tukaa's Tale


It's been a while since I put pen to paper, but I am picking up where I left off. Once again I am working on the fourth book in my series, The Story of Q. This morning when I opened the pages of the first chapter of Tukaa's Tale, I was delighted with the words I wrote months ago, and felt inspired to carry on my efforts.

Below is chapter one, Sunrise in the Forest. 

Tukaa slowly woke from his dream state, experiencing the first whispers of a new dawn. Gently stretching each branch connected to his ancient trunk, he sniffed the sweet morning air, and then let out a delighted sigh as he wriggled his extensive root system. Mornings were his favorite time of day.

“Good morning my friends!” he murmured, being careful not to frighten the birds still resting in his limbs.

“Good morning!” returned a multitude of voices.

“Ah, that tickles”, he laughed, as he felt the flutter of wings as the avian life rose from their nightly slumber.

“Greetings!” echoed his fellow trees, as Tukaa felt the entire forest come to life.

Looking toward the eastern horizon, he smiled as the first rays of the yellow giant, Tanuu, filled the skies with crimson and peach watercolors. It would be another wonderful day on the planet of Accunii.

Tukaa was feeling particularly nostalgic today, but this always occurred as the celebration of Kangii and Golinda approached. Later this week, everyone from the three islands of Jainda, Ota, and Rantuu would gather on the sacred Isle of Inda, home to him and various other fauna and flora, since the beginning of time. Within forty-eight hours, every Accuu on the planet would gaze towards the heavens as they danced under two full moons, singing praises to Oma.

However, as the sun rose in the heavens The Memories took him far into the past, long before any Accuu walked upon this forested world…

As Tukaa let his mind slip into bygone days, he recalled not only his personal memories, but also those of relatives who existed thousands of years before he was “born”. He was a mere youngling the first time he experienced The Memories and recalled how frightened he felt because he had no idea how he knew what he knew. Who were all these beings inside his head? However, after questioning his elders they reassured him that his fears were quite normal and as he grew older, it simply became a comforting and welcomed part of his life.



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