Covid-19 and my Twitter friends

Yesterday, I told my friends on Twitter that my hubby was diagnosed with Covid-19. While I expected to hear from a few of my moots, I was blown away by the outpouring from several hundred people all over the globe. At first I tried to "like/💓" everyone's likes and replies, but soon it became impossible as the numbers crept from 200 to 300, then well over 600 this morning. 

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciated each "💓", and all the personal words you left on my TL. While you may think that your individual responses didn't mean much, I was so touched and so comforted by each and everyone of you. 

I also discovered that many of you were also affected by Covid-19. Several of you lost family members and friends, while others had the virus themselves. Some had little to no symptoms, while others were hospitalized and extremely sick. To you I extend extra love and hugs (the sterile kind of course 😀).

Please note that Covid is an insidious, and very contagious virus. Some people can carry it with no outward appearance of being sick, yet they can spread it to others without knowing. Also, the symptoms can widely vary from person to person, and don't necessarily follow a proscribed order of appearance. For instance, my husband never had a cough, or intestinal problems. His main symptom is extreme fatigue. He did have a one-day headache, and the typical aches and pains associated with a virus.

Bottom line? We practiced social distancing and had little to no contact with others, yet he caught it. We only visited two restaurants in the last two months, and my husband had a dental procedure performed, recently. Other than that, we order our groceries online, and pick them up from Walmart. You get the gist.

Now I am showing some symptoms, and of course since hubby is positive, I am being tested too. So for the next few weeks, we are quarantined from the rest of the world. 

Stay safe, be wise!


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