My frustration with being a self-published author

Sorry, but I must vent... 

Three times in the last several weeks, I've kindly asked my Twitter followers to re-tweet the information for my trilogy, The Story of Q, but to no avail. I've asked nicely, sweetly, kindly, (and a whole slew of various adjectives), however, other than one or two people, no one has responded.

Being a self-published author is not an easy road. Not only am I the writer, but the agent, and promoter. You have to be tenacious, turning over every stone in your path, and this morning I feel exasperated, almost to the point of giving up. If you can't get your followers to assist, then where else do you turn? My ARMY moots (aka BTS followers), seemed like such a likely source because they are superb at accomplishing any task put before them. So where did I go wrong? It's not as though I asked them to personally buy my book. I just wanted a bit of exposure. 

Facebook was a dead-end too, so should I throw social media to the wind?

Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! 


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