Dear Mr Simmons

"KISS' Gene Simmons had some strong words for BTS and their fans: "Don't kid yourself: As soon as those girls are gonna grow a little bit older, [they're] going to go away." #BTSARMY #BTS"

Good morning Gene: 

Remember, parents used to say things like that about you and KISS! Suffering from Alzheimer's, are we?

I just have a few words I'd like to say this fine Sunday morning, in regards to your recent comments lumping BTS in with countless "boy" bands. If you don't like their music, fine, that's your prerogative, but evidently, you don't know anything about their music, the men who make up BTS, or their diverse fan base. 

This wild and lovely "girl" happens to be a grandmother and 3-year ARMY. I'm also friends with fans from all over the world whose ages span from 20's to 80's. We aren't teenyboppers following the next quick to fade fad, but people who sincerely love their music. BTW, you can read more about me in a previous blog; Honesty is the best policy... from 2019.

Oh, and Gene, surprise, they do know how to play instruments. Here’s just a few quick references... Taehyung (V) is an accomplished saxophonist. Seokjin (Jin) has actually played piano & guitar in concert. Yoongi (Suga) also plays piano on stage and is learning guitar. JK was playing drums just the other night during a performance of Dynamite... 

And BTW, BTS actually know how to sing and they don't lip-synch. They sound just as wonderful in concert (unlike many others in the industry), as they do in a live performance. I know — I've been to a concert.

BTS are also songwriters, and producers. Their lists of accolades are long and proven. Simply pick up any of their albums and look through the credits. They've also co-written songs (and produced) for other viable artists in the industry. Don't kid yourself, their music isn't strictly K-Pop, and spans a number of genres, and their repertoire is expanding all the time. In other words, they're just getting started. They have eclectic taste in music, and their influences aren't limited to current artists. For instance, you can often hear Taehyung crooning to Frank Sinatra. 

I could expand on the subject, but feel it's probably unnecessary, because I know you’re preoccupied with letters from other pre-pubescent "girls" just like me. 


Angylize said…
Bravo! I posted on Mr. Simmon’s letter myself. Since I’m 73 and will follow BTS to my grave, Mr. Simmon’s won’t think I count anyhow.. By the way, I never cared much for KISS, not even in my 20’s.

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