A Mystery Gift (just when I needed it)


Just when I was feeling so down today, a mystery gift arrived in the mail. 

I had just discovered that Captain John Fallon of the 36th Engineer Regiment of WWII, had passed away. I had know John for seventeen years and he was not only a dear friend, but my mentor. I contacted him back in 2004, when I was trying to find out about my father's role in WWII. Not only did John help me to put the puzzle pieces together (I was 12 when my dad died at age 52) regarding my father's service with the 540th Engineers, but he invited me to the 36th's reunions each year. That's where I met countless people who changed my life forever, and led me to create a website honoring my dad and those who served with them.

So an hour later, a package arrived in the mail from JSJewelsBoutique. Inside was a beautifully wrapped package and a gorgeous cell phone stand, along with a warm message. I was so touched by this thoughtful gift, that I find myself searching for the right words. So, Ann and Jacqueline, what can I say to express my appreciation? Not only was it incredibly thoughtful, but it arrived just when I needed it. Again, it's a reminder why I'm writing my book, Discovering BTS: a non-linear journey. It's because people like who've crossed my path simply because I fell in love with BTS in Oct of 2019. 

I purple both of you. Borahae, Marion


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