Discovering BTS has gone live!


April 7, 2021 was a happy day for me. That's when Discovering BTS: a non-linear journey went live. 

It was a very satisfying feeling because there were periods during the last few weeks when moments of doubt plagued me. Was I putting my heart and soul into the right venture? Would ARMY actually contribute to the project? And of course, there were the technical snags, like finding the correct program that would allow my users to register, login and submit their stories. I went through at least an half dozen downloads that didn't deliver what they promised - so I had to pull the plug, ask for refunds and head back to the drawing board.

However, now that it's all behind me, I'm pleased to say that several people have already joined the cause, and it's only the beginning. And while each person's story is their own, they all appear to have a universal thread - "BTS entered my life when I needed them the most...


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