Things are better now!


A few of you may have noticed that I took down two of my recent posts, because I wanted you to know the whole story, now that I've put it behind me. 

Let's be honest, as a whole ARMY (BTS's fandom) is a great group of people. They are part of the reason BTS is so huge today (the other part is that BTS are hard working, talented and tenacious people). However, just like any large group of human beings, we have our share of negativity, pettiness, and hatred. Unfortunately, I got to experience this myself, yesterday. Let's just say that Homo sapiens are great at misinterpreting words, and jumping to their own convoluted conclusions. It's easy to be mean sitting behind the confines of your keyboard.

So... a few accused me of bullying ARMY to share their stories on my site, and told me to back off.

I can laugh about it this morning, but yesterday I was in tears and broken-hearted. The only thing I expressed was my huge disappointment in the majority of my 1600+ followers, because they weren't sharing the news about my project. I was concerned and wanted to know why I wasn't garnering their support. Everything I see firsthand shows me how eager they are to share virtually any post on TW (let's just say a blurry photo of BTS can acquire 5000 likes/shares in a matter of minutes). I made certain that I differentiated between my two points - I was grateful for any and all stories shared on the website, but disappointed that my TW buds weren't liking and retweeting What transpired was that a handful of people accused me of berating and Gaslighting (do they actually know the meaning of the latest catch phrase) on my Twitter timeline. So yes, it was awful and I was in tears most of the day, trying to figure out what I did wrong. 

Maybe I struck a chord in some of them? Were they feeling guilty for not assisting me? Was it due to (as several of my moots suggested) jealousy, because I was actually writing a book? Who knows the actual and multiple reasons people behave the way they do. But whatever the reasons, they chose to misinterpret and misconstrue my words and turn them into what they wanted to see. 

I was so distraught after that, that I actually removed virtually all my posts regarding my project. However, my friends stepped in to defend me, and I received numerous posts on my TL and DM. "Please write another post that we can share?" they begged. So I sat back, did as they asked, and regrouped my thoughts. And yes, I had to block a few people, but anyone on the bird app, does that with regularity to keep their timeline free from negativity. You wind up, muting and blocking on a regular basis, if you want to stay sane and happy. 

All in all, I lost about 20 followers, and to that I say, good riddance. Are these the type of people I want to associate with every day? In the end, they actually renewed my spirit, and those of the people who remain my supporters. So if their actions were to belittle and in turn thwart my enthusiasm for this project, well they are in for a disappointment. If BTS reinforced anything in my life, they taught me the importance of believing in and loving myself, and having the fortitude to persevere. 



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