Letter to BTS in Seoul


Today I sent a snail mail letter to BTS in Seoul. I know they get bombarded with letters, but they make every attempt to read them. Here's hoping they will get a chance to read mine. I'm including the letter here, so you can see it too. Wish me luck, ARMY. 

Still fighting! 


June 15, 2021

Dear BTS:

There is so much I could possibly include today, but I feel I might end up with a full-length manuscript, so I’ll attempt to be brief, while still saying what’s in my heart… 

Earlier this year, I started writing a book, Discovering BTS: a non-linear journey, after a good friend in my Twitter “IBIS” chat group (Itty Bitty Inspiration Squad) suggested that I write about the diversity of the fanbase (I’m a previously published author). So, I took it to heart, and began putting pen to paper (er… fingers to keyboard). The book speaks about how I discovered BTS in October of 2018, and my unexpected, wonderful journey along the way. The website went live in April of this year; and I began collecting stories from ARMY all around the world, with the intention to include many of them and/or excerpts within the manuscript before I publish later this year. 

And of course, I couldn’t help to notice that you recently commented about your hopes to hear about ARMY lives – where they’re from, how they discovered you and your music, etc. So, I guess I was ahead of my time because you’ll be able to access my site and read about that very thing. Unfortunately, even though I’m active on social media, it’s been difficult getting word out about my project, however, like you, I’m tenacious, so I keep plodding along, trying various methods to appeal to ARMY. And after expressing your desires in June, I hope it will inspire more ARMY to share with me, and thus, all of you. Fighting!

As promised, I’ve kept my letter succinct, but am including the link to my website, in the hope you will have the time to visit soon. You and your music continue to inspire me every day of the year, and if possible, I would love to send you a signed copy of my book upon completion, so please let me know how this might be accomplished, because I know we’re not able to send any kind of gift, etc.

With tremendous love, adoration, and admiration,

Marion J Chard (Army for life)



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