Hell of a way to find out!


Life can change in a split second. That's how I feel right now. A little stunned, a bit hurt, massively disappointed, unavoidably sad, and majorly disgruntled. 

I was driving down a two-lane highway on my way to pick up my Walmart order, listening to my favorite BTS playlist on Spotify, and singing along with a serene smile on my face, when the phone rang. I ignored the call because it was from a number/name I didn't recognize. As always, I knew if it was important, they'd leave a message. So, once I parked in spot number two and let Walmart know I arrived, I listened to my voicemail. 

"Okay, Ms. Marion. Unfortunately, I'm unable to complete your delivery as requested. I have come to the address, and they didn't recognize that name at the facility. They have that apartment number, but there is no Jeanette Nick... I tried calling the number you provided for her... and what I received was a busy signal. I haven't heard a busy signal in 25 years... So, I'm gonna have to mark it as undeliverable."

Well, that could only mean one thing - my godmother had passed away, and no one bothered to inform me. I knew her passing was inevitable, since she was up there in years, but what an unfortunate way to find out. 

I called the gentleman back and thanked him for contacting me personally.  He was so shocked when I told him that no one called or wrote to tell me. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was truly surprised.  "I'm so sorry", he said, "I can't believe someone would do that..." He apologized to me and said that he was distraught that I had to find out from a stranger. He was so nice, and so sincere. He went on to tell me that he also went downstairs to their social area, and found a man playing games on a computer, and several people dancing. He asked around, and got the same answer, but he took the time to dance with an elderly group. How sweet was that? He made a sad event a little more bearable because of his thoughtfulness and demeanor. 

I just want to thank this gentleman for taking the time to talk with me. It was a real comfort. I also sent a note to Edible Arrangements in Dearborn Heights, MI, making sure that they know what a special employee they have. 

As for my Godmother Jeanette Nick's family, I am very hurt that you never even took the time to send me a notecard. My information would have been available in her address book. Do you realize this was someone who had been in my life since day one? She was my mother, Annie Witt's best friend. This was a hell of a way to discover that someone I've loved all my life and stayed in touch with even after we moved from the area, had passed on. 


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