20 years later... 9-11

I apologize that I haven't been here, but life sometimes "gets in the way" of things, and so my world has been a series of ups and downs. But today I'm back because strong overwhelming memories refuse to leave my head this morning.

Here in the US, it's the 20th anniversary of 9-11. My husband & I, along with two besties, were flying that morning at the same exact time as the hijackings. We never made it to our destination. Instead, our plane was forced to land in Denver, escorted by two F-16s. We spent three days in Colorado, away from home and family, not knowing when we could return. It was scary, surreal, and unreal. It could have been our plane. Yes, I think about that often. And when we finally got back to Detroit, I walked in the house and literally kissed my kitchen floor.

I will never forget.


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