Crisis exemplifies your personality

How you handle a less than perfect outcome, shows your true colors. Life is never perfect, but you make or break your morning each day by your actions. 

This is self-evident on Twitter. We can often predict other's reactions to any given situation. How often do you say, oh boy, let's avoid X because you know they'll be whining all day? There are moots who consistently overreact to ongoing events. Then there are those who either choose not to respond to nonsense or briefly say their peace and move on. They try their best to focus on the positive aspects. Those are the type of people I'm drawn to. And so the peeps I follow have been cut in half, and will continue to be tweaked.

And it's one of the reasons I love BTS beyond their music. It's their actions and reactions that make me admire how they handle life on a daily basis. So if you're going to emulate anyone, I would start with them. Life will never be idyllic, but don't be one of the reasons it isn't. 


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